Wooden Shape Sorters & Puzzles

Wooden Shape Sorters & Puzzles - Wooden Toy Shack

Wooden Shape Sorters & Puzzles

We offer magnetic kits, puzzles, stackers and alphabet puzzles. All of our wooden puzzles will keep your little ones engaged and amused for hours whilst effortlessly providing educational value.

The Wooden Toy Shack’s wooden puzzles will support development in three areas: physical, cognitive and emotional.

  • Physical development - handling the chunky wooden puzzle pieces and turning them until they fit in the gaps will develop hand-eye co-ordination, and both gross and fine motor skills.
  • Cognitive development - solving the puzzles itself will improve memory, shape recognition and problem skills.
  • Emotional development - as your tots complete the puzzle, they will learn the importance of patience and the reward of satisfaction - skills essential for adult life!

We pride ourselves on offering a range of puzzles to suit every taste and interest. From the Tidlo transport sound puzzle to the Janod wood shape drum to the Janod animal sheep kit, we have something for every little one.

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