Wooden Dolls Houses

Wooden Dolls

Wooden Dolls Houses

Little ones make homes for their dolls, toy animals and even themselves out of anything – cardboard boxes, shoes, tables – but we provide a more attractive and long lasting alternative with our range of wooden doll’s houses.

Doll’s houses are the door to your little one’s imagination. Sturdy yet beautiful, our dolls houses will provide hours of excitement. Our doll’s houses are more than just toys though. They are timeless and beautiful heirlooms that can be treasured long after your child has grown up. Each of our doll’s houses has been carefully designed and hand-painted, made from wood durable enough to withstand years of happy play.

Doll’s houses are the perfect starting point for hours of pretend play and role-play with friends or mums and dads. Little ones will develop their communication and social skills whilst also improving their fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination.

We offer a range of houses to suit every young architect’s taste. Choose from the easily transportable Princess Palace Carrying Case, the cute Daisy Cottage or the manor-like Tidlington Doll’s House. We also offer doll’s house furniture and potential lodgers.