Orange Tree Zebra Push Along

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  • What is black and white and eats like a horse? A zebra.
  • Great walking companion for first steps
  • Wheels make clacking sound
+3 years

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This sweet wooden zebra is the perfect walking companion for little ones. It features a traditional design, soft black ears and colourful clacking wooden beads that inspire your tots to take their first toddles. Your little one will be padding around in no time.

Educational Value

The Orange Tree Zebra Push Along builds on motor skills your little one has already developed, supporting the ability to walk and boosting confidence as they require less and less help to move around. Push and pull along toys are also an easy way to introduce your kids to simple scientific concepts, such as cause and effect. This wooden zebra will stimulate your toddler’s imagination whilst they have fun developing their physical skills.


W12 x D6 X H16 cm


- Northampton

"Such a lovely toy, cute and fun for my 1 year olds birthday! Customer service is exceptional too!"