Hape Checkout Register


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  • Play value: priceless
  • Card or cash?
  • 16 pieces of paper money, coins, credit card and loyalty card
+3 years

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Hape’s Checkout Register is a classic toy that never gets old with little ones- children love to play shopkeepers! This set comes with an opening money drawer, card reader, barcode scanner, money, credit cards, paper, push buttons, an abacus to count purchases and totals, and a paper holder for receipts. The register provides a great opportunity to start introducing numbers, counting and problem solving in a real-life fun way.

Educational Value

Hape’s Checkout Register provides little ones with an exciting opportunity to start developing their numeracy skills. It provides an ideal chance for little shopkeepers to practice numeracy in a real life application. Counting and organising products and prices supports mathematical development which is an essential everyday skill, a tool necessary for solving problems and acquiring new information. Imaginary play allows little ones to experiment with different social and emotional roles of life, developing empathy and understanding of others and the world around them. Not only this but it also aids creative development which is fundamental in allowing children to express and communicate their ideas and feelings.


20 x 19 x 12 cm

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