Hape Barn Playset


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  • Visit the farm without getting muddy
  • Harvest, herd and have fun
  • Farmyard smells not included!
+3 years

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Old MacDonald had a farm, and now you can too! Kids are fascinated by farm life and now little ones can herd up the animals, muck out the stable and bring in the hay themselves with Hape’s Barn Playset. This traditional wooden barn is perfect for little ones who are beginning to learn and recognise animals and sounds, and engage in imaginary play or storytelling. Imagination at its best.

The Barn Playset includes:

  • 3 x Barn and Stable Modules
  • 4 x Fencing
  • 1 x Rooster
  • 1 x Horse
  • 1 x Pig
  • 1 x Sheep
  • 1 x Cow
  • 2 x Bales of Hay
  • 1 x Farmer
  • 1 x Tractor and Trailer

Educational Value

The Hape Barn Playset triggers little one’s imaginary play which supports creative development; this is fundamental in allowing children to express and communicate their ideas and feelings. Play broadens vocabulary and language which further supports little one’s ability to express themselves and understand others. Handling the figures also supports little one’s physical development; both fine and gross motor skills are a basic foundation of childhood development. Building strong muscles and developing co-ordination gives children a head start in other areas like communication and literacy. When it comes to starting school or nursery, strong hand muscles and co-ordination are vital in enabling children to hold a pencil correctly.


H43.3 x W29.4 x L12.4