Educational Wooden Toys

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Educational Wooden Toys

Most toys intrinsically provide kids with lots of learning opportunities through creative play and fun. It's a fact that most parents can recall how their little sprogs found hours of delight in even the most simple (and cheapest) of objects such as balloons and balls. Some toys however are specifically designed with educational value in mind, usually through the interaction with, or the experience of specific materials, shapes and tasks. These toys also crucially increase the depth and breadth of learning by encouraging interaction with peers or other family members.

Our selection of wooden education toys have been carefully selected to provide a wide range of creative challenges to help promote different skill sets and provide hours of fun based learning for all stages of development. From puzzles and games to shape sorters and alphabet counting blocks, these toys will stimulate core mental skills such as literacy and numeracy and also develop key motor skills at the same time.

How to choose the right educational toy?

For a child to fully experience the benefits of a learning based toy, it’s important to consider the following questions prior to purchase:

  • Is the toy designed for the child’s age group?
  • What areas of learning does it focus on?
  • What are the various skills a child will need in order to play with it?
  • Is the toy durable?
  • Can the child play with the toy on it’s own or collaboratively?
  • And above all is the toy fun?

Our range of wooden educational toys has been chosen from award-winning brands such as Janod, Pintoy, Le Toy Van, Orange Tree, Hape and Tidlo. Our favourites include the fabulous looking snappy Alphabet Crocodile Puzzle, the twisty Dog Stacker & Rocker, the Multi-activity Loop Box and the Hape Checkout Register.