Top 10 Christmas Toys In The Last Century

By Wooden Toy Shack Tuesday, November 1, 2016

It seems that every Christmas there’s at least one new must-have toy that all little ones are desperate for. Here are the most popular toys over the last 100 years:

1910s  - Teddies and The Rocking Horse

content image 2581593

1920s – Yo-Yo and The Radio Flyer

content image 2581594

1930s – Shirley Temple Doll and Army Men

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1940s – Slinky and Lego

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1950s – Mr Potato Head and Barbie

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1960s – Action Man and Etch-a-Sketch

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1970s – Star Wars action figures and Rubik’s Cube

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1980s – Cabbage Patch Kids and Transformers

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1990s – Tamagotchi and Tickle Me Elmo

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2000s – Wii and Razor Scooter

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