The Wooden Toy Shack's Guide to Good Food

By Wooden Toy Shack Monday, August 29, 2016


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We offer a range of safe wooden toy food from Le Toy Van, Tildo and Hape, providing the perfect way to teach your little one about the most important meal of the day.


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Coffee and cake or tea and a pastry, our selection of wooden food is nourishing for any little one’s imagination and mid-morning hunger pangs.

Al Fresco

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Fancy a BBQ in the sun or an ice lolly by the sea-side without the mess?

Foreign Food

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Wooden food can be a fun gateway to teaching kids about other cultures and developing their understanding of the world.


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Baking is an exciting way for little ones to learn about ingredients and where the food they eat comes from, practise measurement and develop communication skills. Now there’s a less messy way to do it….


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Pretend kitchen sets are a great way to trigger imaginative play in boys and girls whilst they also begin to learn about cooking and the importance of healthy food choices.

For our full range of pretend food and kitchen sets, visit our website.

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