Sensory Learning Tips You Need to Know

By Wooden Toy Shack Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Sensory learning is the development of the five senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. It’s easy to take for granted that all of our senses are essential to learning, warning us away from danger and enjoying everyday life. Little one’s brains are ready to learn; the brain is changing rapidly and learning from every new experience. Exploring with their senses builds connections in your little one’s brain so it is essential to provide as many opportunities as possible for tots to explore their senses. We’ve got some fun ideas.


  • Water Play - add soap to make bubbles. Make sure to keep a towel handy!
  • Play Dough – kids love squishing, pounding and rolling play dough. Provide some cookie cutters and a rolling pin for added fun.
  • Sand Pit – kids always enjoy the feel of sand through their fingers, add water to make a pit of quicksand or sculpt figures.
  • Touch and Feel Box – this is easy to make and provides hour of fun for little ones; use an old cereal box or plastic bag and pop a couple of objects of toys inside, ask your child to close their eyes and stick in their hand in to guess the object.
  • Toys – our Tidlo Touch and Feel Farm Puzzle is great for introducing little fingers to new textures.



  • Get Out and About - take your little one outside, let them explore their surroundings, ask them what objects and colours they see.
  • Picture Books and Photos – pictures and photos are a great way for little ones to practise visual recognition.
  • Bright and Colourful Toys – The Wooden Toy Shack’s favourites include Tidlo’s Rainbow Cubes, Janod’s Wooden Shape Drum and Tidlo’s Chunky Pets Puzzle.

Taste and Smell

  • Experiment with Food - children are always intrigued to touch, smell or even taste novel foods. Encourage them to give their opinions and tell you what they think.
  • Experiment with Different Aromas – introduce your little one to some new smells and then quiz them to see if they recognise what they smell – coffee, vanilla, cinnamon, crayons, leather, lavender are some of our favourite aromas to experiment with.
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