How Can Toys Improve Physical Development?

By Wooden Toy Shack Thursday, February 23, 2017

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Physical development allows kids to be active and interactive. Development of gross and fine motor skills is essential. Building strong muscles and developing co-ordination gives children a head start in other areas like communication and literacy - strong hand muscles and co-ordination are vital in holding a pencil correctly.

The Wooden Toy Shack offers a variety of toys to aid physical development, from push and pull toys and walkers to magnet sets, building and stacking toys and puzzles at a later age.

Another aspect of physical development is health and self-care. This involves learning about food and exercise. Boys often develop self-care skills a bit later than girls so it is essential to give them ample opportunity to practice in this area.

We offer an assortment of dolls, dolls houses and pretend bedroom sets that help children practise daily self-care routines like dressing and washing. We also provide a selection of play food sets and kitchen sets to help kids rehearse making healthy food choices.

Check out our full range of educational toys that support physical development: https://www.woodentoyshack.co.uk/physical-development/

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