How Can Toys Benefit Communication and Language Development?

By Wooden Toy Shack Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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Communication and Language allows children to develop confidence in expressing themselves and understanding others. Communication and language can be broken down into three areas:

  • Listening and attention – these skills enable the ability to discriminate sounds and maintain attention in a shared context.
  • Understanding – gradually children gain the ability to understand single words, phrases and then complex sentences.
  • Speaking – children become able to express their feelings, needs, wants and thoughts. They understand tenses and are able to partake in imaginary play roles.

Play should provide children with opportunities to experience and practice a range of different language and vocabulary to support communication and language development.

Toys can offer great opportunities for kids to practise conversation and language they may not use in day to day life. The Wooden Toy Shack offers a range of toys that inspire interaction in an effortless and fun way, for example, dolls and role-play toy sets.

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