How Can I Improve My Child’s Self-Esteem?

By Wooden Toy Shack Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves and it’s reflected everyday by our behaviour. Children who have high self-esteem act independently, take responsibility, try new things, control their emotions, help others and take pride in their achievements – all things we want to see in our kids.

As parents, we have prime position to help develop our children’s self-esteem. Most of us do it without noticing by praising and encouraging our kids in day to day tasks like eating or dressing. But toys can be a great way to provide situations to further this development whilst also having fun.

Play that encourages social interaction and turn-taking is an exciting way for children to improve their overall personal, social and emotional development. Tea sets, lunch sets, market places and doctor sets are just a few examples. They can be used with peers or adults.

Be generous with praise, avoid criticism and encourage your child to try new role-play, practise turn-taking and use their imagination. And most of all- have fun!

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