5 Tips for Surviving Long Journeys With Your Kids This Summer Holiday

By Wooden Toy Shack Monday, July 17, 2017

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School is out for the summer… What next? Most of us will take our little ones off on holiday during the summer months. But travelling with kids can be a hard slog, whether it be by plane, car or boat. It’s all worth the trouble in the end but it may not seem that way half an hour into the journey when you have an inconsolable toddler. Take note of our top tips for keeping your tots happy whilst travelling this summer for an easier ride.

1. Bring a pen and paper.

A pen and paper are must-haves for any journey. Bring some colouring sheets and crayons, play hangman, write a story, doodle – the options are endless.

2. Take your little one’s favourite small toys.

It’s always a smart idea to bring your little one’s fail-safe favourite toys to keep them amused. Make sure they’re compact and can easily be popped in your hand luggage. Our favourites include [Janod’s Animal Kit Cow] (https://www.woodentoyshack.co.uk/janod-animal-kit-cow/) – a compact magnetic puzzle which will repeatedly entertain your little one – and our [small wooden toy elephant] (https://www.woodentoyshack.co.uk/wooden-toy-elephant/) which has felt floppy ears and bendable ropey legs.

3. Get them excited about the destination!

Helping your little one realise the purpose of the long journey often seems to make it more bearable for them. Show them photographs, videos or play them music from the country or local area.

4. Provide travel-themed toys to get them enthusiastic about the journey, not just the destination.

It’s not just the destination that matters, the journey should be exciting too. Travel can provide a great platform to start educating little ones about transport which aids their understanding of the world. Toys are a great way to spark curiosity and we offer a selection of easily transportable vehicles; our favourites this summer are [Janod’s Green Roadster Car] (https://www.woodentoyshack.co.uk/janod-green-racing-roadster-car/) for long road journeys, [Le Toy Van’s Airport Set] (https://www.woodentoyshack.co.uk/le-toy-van-airport-set-chocks-away/) for air travel, and for travel by sea, [Le Toy Van’s Dock Harbour Set] (https://www.woodentoyshack.co.uk/le-toy-van-dock-harbour-set/).

5. Snuggle up.

Pack a pillow and your little one’s favourite blankie to avoid any awkward sleeping positions and help them get some shut-eye if they get tired. Tired travelers are not happy travelers.

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