4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Son His Very Own Doll

By Wooden Toy Shack Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Dolls are traditionally considered to be girls’ toys. Although there may be evolutionary explanations that suggest girls are more naturally inclined than boys to choose dolls and teddies that they can nurture, the idea of stereotyped gendered toys is becoming increasingly outdated. Kids should be provided with free choice and encouraged to play with whatever they like and enjoy. Limiting toys by gender also restricts development of certain learning areas. Dolls can aid development in several early learning areas that shouldn’t be confined to just girls.

1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Pretend play with dolls enables kids to experiment with different social and emotional roles of life, developing empathy and understanding of others. Doll play with mums and dads or peers also provides the opportunity to practise manners and turn-taking. This helps little ones gain confidence and a positive self-image, form positive relationships, develop respect for others and understand appropriate behaviour. Doll play can help all little ones prepare for the arrival of a new sibling. Little ones can practise holding a baby in the correct way and learn to nurture it. Doll play with mums and dads may also help them become used to the idea of having another little sibling around.

2. Communication and Language

Imaginary play with dolls helps little ones practise listening, understanding and speaking. Not only does this aid communication but it also helps grow vocabulary.

3. Creative Development

All imaginary play helps kids develop their creativity; this allows them to express and communicate their ideas and feelings which triggers initiation of their own learning.

4. Physical Development

Dolls are a great way to teach little ones about self-care, including dressing and washing. Boys tend to be slighter slower than girls to develop in this area so dolls provide a great tool for practise.

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